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Low manufacturing cost

Thermoforming allows to shorten the manufacturing stages by adoption of an industrial line process using the extruded PET plastic sheet.
The investment in the equipment is then more economical. The output savings are lower at an average of  30 % on the operating costs compared to the "blown up" processing of PET preforms.
The cost in the raw material of a PET plastic container is then lower.

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A higher profitability

Thanks to the thermoforming process which allows higher rate of production, the profititability of the concept becomes much higher than the classical process using PET preforms. The result is to gain a shorter investment return.

A maximum recycling

The specific shape of the RAPID'O PACK container allows to stack.
It very easily and allows a faster retrieving. It also allows to maximize the volume of units on shipment. This innovative concept is complying to the latest European environmental standards.
It is 100 % recyclable.

An economical and user-friendly consumer product

The RAPID'O PACK solutions allow a competitive advantage to the bottling industry licencees in terms of higher productivity by making substantial operating savings. It finally allows shorter term in the investment return thanks to its competitive positionning in the market.

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